How To Hire Well By Planning to Fire Yourself

Steven Pressfield in his book ‘The War of Art’ talks about giving yourself tasks to complete and if you do not complete them then he recommends firing yourself. 

How can you go about it?

Start by tracking all that you do, in a day, week, and month. Then group what all you do under different heads.

Like strategic thinking, learning, growth, operations, customer support, design, coding, sales, or admin stuff.

Keep strategic thinking, learning, and one other focus area yourself. Rest everything else, aim to hand it over to someone else.

Because you cannot achieve exemplary results by doing everything yourself. So fire yourself from almost everything.

This works great because you can’t be good at everything and you can find someone to do them, who is better than you at doing those things.

When this happens you’ll be able to spend more time in your zone of excellence and grow much faster than earlier, and that too with much less hassle.

How to decide what to hire for? Hire for all those things that you don’t like doing, you don’t want to do, or what you think someone else can do better than you.

Learn to hire the right people by doing it often and learning about it. And, you may not get it right in the first place.

In a small business, hire for the problems you’ve had in the past. For a fast-growing business in a competitive market, hire for the problems of the future.
So, which is the first role that you’d like to fire yourself from?

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