How To Get More Done by Spending Less Time and Energy

We need to do stuff to keep moving forward in life.

Here is how you can get more done, with less hassle.

1. Deal with things when you notice them first.

2. Break projects into tasks, as soon as you know you have to do it. When the time comes for your weekly review and scheduling, pull tasks from different projects, and schedule them through the week.

3. Don’t list more than 6 tasks in a day, 2 major, 2 medium-sized, and 2 small. Do not jump between tasks, and move to a different task, only after you’ve finished working on the first task. Always write how long something a task will take, next to it so that you can be practical in scheduling tasks in a way that you’ll complete all that you list.

4. Create a project dump. Everything that remains unfinished or not done, goes to the project dump, and at the beginning of a new week, pull anything that fits your priorities into your to-do list.

5. Theme your days and batch your tasks. This will make sure that you don’t waste time and mental energy in task switching.

Put these into action and see how they impact your work day.

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