How to Deal With Anxiety and Fear — A 5 Step Plan

Fear and anxiety is a common theme for the founders I have spoken with recently.

Intensity varies but its there.

At times it is real, because of what is happening around us which we have to live through.

Elizabeth Gilbert said it best on her recent podcast appearance on The Tim Ferriss Show.

We live in a culture that says you should be able to power through anything. Life will very generously remind you that you cannot, and it will very generously break you at times and very generously show you.

But if fear is because of thoughts like – what if it does not work out, how will I sail through with chaos around, what if my future is not the way it should be – then movement might work for you.


Because fear and anxiety live in the gut and if it is not calm then you won’t feel centered and will be more prone to feel out of your zone and less in control of your day and life.

When you move you give a chance for energy to release through the movement. That brings us to step 1.

Step 1

Start by walking. The more you move, the more you release anxious energy without even trying.

Step 2

Stand or sit in an open space and breathe in from your nose and breathe out of your nose at an even pace.

You may even go 10 minute morning priming routine as recommended by Tony Robbins.

This won’t change situations around you because they don’t change instantly but when you are calmer and are centered you can take better decisions and work in a more focused manner without worrying about what is going on around you.

Step 3

Also, on the side, work to get rid of the reasons for fear. The ones you can.

If it is business work on that.

Health, same.

Step 4

And, allow yourself to work less than you usually do.

Cut your to-do list to half and go deeper on items you tackle instead of moving between tasks.

To come to an efficient work schedule, start by creating a schedule that you think will work well for you.

Try to work as per that schedule and at the end of the week, review if the plan worked. Chances are, you won’t do everything as per schedule.

So tweak your schedule so that it works for you.

Step 5

Find an anchor, something that makes you feel grounded.

One activity you do every day no matter what. So if you did that on a day – then you are happy and satisfied – even if you did nothing else.

What will that be?

I can tell you 10 different things but I want you to look into your heart and find it out.

And then do it 🙂

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