How to Go About Creating Your Next Speaker Reel

I am a public speaker on digital marketing and related topics.

Though I am not on the speaking circuit as often as some other professional speakers I do enjoy it. 

After not doing it much for the past 2-3 years, I plan to get started again this year and will likely make a speaker reel.

And, it was a happy coincidence that a dear client who is a top keynote speaker in her industry was looking for insights for her next speaker reel.

I put together some thoughts for her and for my own speaker reel also.

Sharing here if you are looking to get a speaker reel done.

Let’s start with the basics.

A speaker reel needs three things:

  1. Raw footage
  2. Script
  3. Edits

How good a speaker reel will depend on how good each of these is.

When done, every great speaker reel has five elements.

  1. Explains who you are
  2. Describes why you’re an expert
  3. Samples of a talk/talks that show your style
  4. Testimonials
  5. And an energy-filled closing (usually applause) that’s the energy that a viewer connects with and remembers

Speaker Reel Inspiration

These videos feature speakers who get mid-five futures to six figures per speaking gig.

Mel Robbins

Your speaker reel is as good as the footage, so aim to get footage like this and do a video like this. It has everything a great speaker reel needs and more.

This video stands out because it does a great job of introducing Mel Robbins to the viewer. It also demonstrates her approach and delivery from the stage, really well.

Vanessa Van Edwards

Short and impactful – focuses on the speaker’s personality. Aligns well with her speaking topic.

Erica Dhawan

This video is great despite limited footage. Edits and mixing are fanatics on this one. And, how she is introduced makes an impact. Great use of social for testimonials. Good edit techniques break the monotony.

How to leverage your speaker reel

  • Obvious, add to your speaker page
  • Add to your social media and use it to reintroduce yourself as a public speaker. Your post can be as simple as — “My new speaker reel … what do you think?” It is likely that your potential clients are watching the space, and it will be great for brand recall when they are looking for a speaker for their conference later.
  • Send an email for the same effect as above, for a better connection, talk briefly about the talks featured in your speaker reel.
  • Use it to reconnect with past clients/event hosts

Hope this helps.

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