How To Be Consistent

Consistency is rewarding.

To be consistent, remember these four things.

1/ Don’t skip a daily habit two days in a row. 

Because if you do, it is easy to get derailed.

2/ Start small and keep a minimum that you do every day.

Outreach: don’t aim for 10; just do one every day.

Fitness: just walk/ run for 1 min first, instead of aiming to do 10 km a day.

Meditate: instead of 30 mins/day, just do 1 min or 3 mins daily.

This is how I restarted my meditation journey more than eight years back and have been consistent since then.

3/ Find your tribe or do it with them.

Or find someone to keep you accountable.

Report what you do to someone who can keep you accountable.

It does not have to be disrupting for you or the other party. Just send a text.

4/ Give yourself visual cues.

For anything important, put your daily action plan out of your head and put it in a place where you can see it every day.

Like a whiteboard and strike off every time you do it.

Good luck being consistent.

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