How to Attract More Opportunities

Put yourself out there.


  • Become worthy of attracting attention in the space you work, by becoming a curiosity enegone and getting good at one or two things that matter in your space.
  • Talk to people, so that they know you because people like to buy from people they know, all things being equal.
  • Get people to ask questions and answer their questions they best you can and better than how anyone else has given them
  • And share all that you know in a place where people can see it. Focus on community as much as you do about content. Because content is king but it does not matter if there is no kingdom and your community is your kingdom.

That’s a great way to market what you sell. 

It is personal and relies on your expertise and your willingness to help others.

And, it starts with you and you alone can do everything that’s needed here.

Works for someone who is starting out and also for those who are established in a particular space.

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