Testimonials Work. Here is How to Ask Your Clients, Customers, or Boss for Them

You did awesome work for a client or a boss.

They sang your praises over email or messages.

Now you want to move to a new role or get new clients and wish you had captured those praises at that time and got the approval of your client or boss to use them.

Even worse things are not as rosy between you and them as they were once, so they probably won’t write a glowing testimonial now.

But you are smart, and you did ask for it.

Right after you did something awesome for them and they couldn’t stop raving about what you did.

They replied, “Sure.” 

You are happy and keep waiting for the testimonial. It never comes.

They want to give it to you. But they are busy like all of us.

So you nudge them, “Hey, can you send me the testimonial now? I was planning on using it on my website.”

No response still. 

Same genuine reason, they have other priorities – obviously more important than your testimonial.

What do you do now?

Lose hope or embarrass them by asking again to write or record a testimonial.

Do none of it.

Do what I am sharing with you instead.

How to Get a Good Testimonial From Someone

The best way to get a testimonial from anyone is to write it yourself.

When writing it assume what they’ll want to say about you and add what you want them to say about working with you.

Then send that draft to the person you want the testimonial from with a note that says something like:

Thanks so much for vouching (change words based on the relationship) for me.

I know you are busy and your testimonial is important for me, so I pre-wrote this short note for you to review.

It says a few good things about our work together. And, I hope that is how you actually feel about it 🙂

Anyway, please take a look and tweak the way you want and send it back. If you like it the way it is – then reply with a simple YES.. and I’ll use it as it is!

With this, you see at least a 50% success rate. 

This means you’ll get a testimonial from one person for every two you reach out to. 

Even better, you’ll get it the way you want. And instead of waiting for 6 months, embarrassing people by asking too often, you’ll get it in 6 days in one or two tries.

Ready to give it a shot?

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