How to Approach Writing, For Those Who Find Writing Tough

Think about how writing can help you.

It can help you get your worries off of your head and onto a piece of paper or an online doc. It does the same for the constant stream of ideas in your head.

It can help take your voice and your thoughts to the world.

It can preserve your thoughts, and you can come back to what you wrote years later and wonder what you were thinking then.

It can help you connect with those who come across your thoughts and find something to relate to in your writing.

It can help you make a better communicator. It has a ton of benefits in all aspects of life and work.

It can help you grow in your career and increase your earning.

It can make you famous if that’s your goal and if you get good at writing.

It can help you unearth ideas that you didn’t think you had.

Do you need more reasons to write?

Probably not.

So, press on, even when you find it challenging.

And even when you worry, what you are writing is not good.

Because before you let anyone see it, you can always come back and make it better by editing it.

If you don’t want to worry about your writing quality, don’t read it while you are writing. Come back to read it later when you start to edit it.
After a few weeks, months, and years you’ll find it wasn’t that tough at all.

You’ll be happy having persisted because of all the good things that will happen because of it.

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