Follow Your Curiosity Even if It Pays You Nothing

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak spent time on electronics as a hobby.

They were so passionate about it that it became their life’s work.

Mark Zuckerberg coded as a fun pass time before he started working on Facebook.

I used to be curious about blogging so much that I spent hours working on my blog, long before anyone cared. It led to a career in digital marketing and so many other opportunities.

What’s the lesson here?

That we are curious about things around us and then follow what intrigues us…

And, find something where we can spend endless hours and still want to do more.

It is hard to do it at work because usually people and companies pay for well-recorgnised skills in an established field.

If you are working on something like that in your hours outside work, then you’ll limit your upside because the payout and rewards have already been set.

Great if you find something that has yet to become established. You may be in for a long journey but what looks like a grind from outside will be super fun for you. 

If you stick to it and go at it with speed then it will be very rewarding.

And, when your ‘old’ hobby becomes your career, find a new one.

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