Know This When Hiring a Marketing Agency or Consultant

Business owners often end up with agencies that don’t do much to take their business forward.

At times it may be because an agency is promising hyperbolic results and not having the conviction, capability, or capacity to deliver them, but oftentimes it is because of having unrealistic expectations and not knowing how to find or work with a good agency.

If you are in the market for an agency, here are some thoughts that if you keep in mind, will help you do it right.

Keep these in mind when hiring an agency

  1. A consultant or agency can’t fix the business problems unless you are hiring someone who specializes in that. Don’t expect a marketing agency to fix culture or poor systems for you.
  2. You get what you pay for. Don’t pay for hay and expect diamonds.
  3. Don’t expect an agency to do everything while you do nothing. Working with an agency is a partnership that takes two to tango. If you hold back information, are not prompt with feedback, and do not take time to educate the agency about your business, then you may not get the results you expect.
  4. Conversions and leads are important so are visibility, attention, and having the audience’s trust. If you rush into getting conversion without taking time to build trust then expect higher costs and lower conversions.
  5. If you ask for a lot of ideas and only execute a few or none, the agency will get frustrated and not enjoy working with you.
  6. Respect agency turnaround time (TAT). If the contract says two days TAT, it is for a reason. If it is 2 days, don’t follow up in 1 day.
  7. If you want an agency to get to work, give them what they need as soon as you start working together. Things like account access, and tools. You’ll also know that you are working with a seasoned agency that puts this and things like communication frequency in the client welcome kit.
  8. A good agency will share ideas, motivate you and also tell you things about your business that are not so good to hear.  
  9. Working with an agency takes work. They are not there to eliminate your work but to amplify your message, grow your brand, and help you sell more. Only start working with an agency, if there is someone to drive the relationship at your end.
  10. Make your expectations clear and project brief specific.
  11. Trust but verify. And once you build the trust, don’t second guess suggestions or actions.
  12. You also have to win your consultant or agency’s trust by respecting what they offer, making timely payments. This is your investment in the relationship.

Happy agency finding and collaborating!

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