Helping Your Employees Be Successful

There are a lot of ways a business can grow, but for a founder hiring the right people is the most impactful one.

Your responsibility does not end with hiring though.

You need to make your employees successful in the roles they are hired into.

In “The Road Less Stupid” the author Keith J. Cunningham, regarded as one of the foremost authorities and teachers on business mastery, shared remarkable insights on this.

He wrote:

“In dealing with employees, I have found one universal truth: They all want to be successful. The key is alignment on definitions of success.”

This is powerful for you as a business owner because once you internalize it, you’ll first define what success looks like in a role, and make sure that employees understand it the same. 

This magical alignment on definitions of success may not happen on day 1.

But instead of leaving the responsibility of finding the alignment on the employee, coach and help him find the spot where he feels successful and you feel that he is successful.

Once you have done that, you’ll find a happy employee, who takes the burden of what he is hired off your head.

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