How to Hire Employees Who Will Help You Win

To do this, hire employees whose goals are aligned with your goals.

How can that be?

Let me explain.

See, your employee can’t care about your business as much as you.

Because that’s your baby.

They care about themselves and their goals.

So when hiring employees figure out what their goals are and if your business and the work they are supposed to do, will help them reach those goals.

When this alignment is there, only then hire an employee.

If you want to do it even better then hire employees to whom certain work looks like play.

Are they someone who loves to write? Or to code or design?

Those who love to design, do it on their own, without any push and even when money is not involved.

What is the best way to find it out?

Simple. Look for self initiated projects. Work they have done outside of their job. 

See if they have created apps, design, or written a novel. Something that is not related to work.

And, if you pick people with self initiated projects chances are you will find a proactive, action oriented learner.

Great if the core of a job your offering matches with an employee’s self initiated project.

Then whatever work you give will not be work for them, because they love doing it so much that they build something related to it, on their own.

Ready to hire your next employee?

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