7 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter Audience to 1000 Subscribers and Beyond

Audience growth is essential for the growth of a (personal) brand, and a newsletter is a great way to build and stay connected with your audience.

But growing a newsletter is not easy. And for this reason, many newsletters never cross even the primary 100 subscriber mark.

Here are seven ways you can use it to increase your newsletter audience to 1000 people.

  1. Add an exit-intent popup across your site. An exit-intent popup is only shown to those about to leave your website, so it does not affect the user experience.
  2. Talk about your newsletter on social media just before it is about to be launched, mention what is unique about the upcoming issues and what you are sharing there, and invite people to join.
  3. Add a link to the newsletter to your email signature
  4. Message your friends who you think will be interested or find your newsletter useful and ask if adding them to your email list is ok. Those who say yes, add them yourself. This reduces fraction and gets better conversion than sending people to an opt-in page and hoping they would subscribe.
  5. Add a Call to Action (CTA) in the middle of your most visited pages relevant to your newsletter’s topic.
  6. Launch a referral program to motivate others to invite their friends and colleagues to subscribe. Offer tiered incentives depending on how many people an existing subscriber refers to.
  7. Create a dedicated page for newsletter subscribers and add social proof, benefits of joining, and an incentive/ a lead magnet. For a lead magnet, a highly actionable one-page checklist instead of an ebook that no one will read and use.

Use these ideas and let me know how it goes.

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