Good Writing Serves

It serves both the reader and the writer.

It serves the reader by offering a gift of effortless reading.

And, it serves the writer by giving an opportunity to express, refine and spread her ideas.

An author who believes in writing well sees it as a privilege. She knows that her writing may make someone’s day, and in some cases even change the life of a reader.

Good writing demands the author’s integrity. It appears when the author decides to serve only the finest words to the reader. Such an author does not bother about the effort it takes to write, rewrite and edit again and again.

Her first focus is to serve her reader. She may care about fame or personal goals but she cares more about the craft and giving the reader a worthy return for the time invested in reading. 

She may not be altruistic, but she is smart enough to know that big rewards await those willing to go the extra mile. She finds reasons to go the extra mile herself, like thinking of the moments when a good book or story embraced her and served her.

Are you serving or being served today?


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