Going All-In on Your One Thing Is the Best To Grow

I’ve been following a popular singing show for a few months now.

And the journey of the contestants has been fascinating.

Each one of them has evolved and singing way better than they were in the beginning

They were and are all talented singers.

But the real reason for their growth has been in the environment they have been put in.

They have talented peers, amazing mentors and get to live with their fellow singers all the time.

If you are looking to excel in any field, living with those who are after the same goals as you, those who are talented and experienced teachers and mentors will take you there.

So whatever you want to be in life, see whether your kind of tribe lives, go and join them and there is no doubt that you’ll be surprised by your growth.

Why does this work? Because you are all in on your one thing, without worrying about anything else.

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