Get a No and Move On

Time in sales, like time in life is precious.

That’s why there is no point wasting it.

In both, sales and life, we waste time the same way,

By being inefficient, by being lazy, by wasting time on things with no return.

I brought up sales, because in the life of founders, sales are the solution to a lot of problems.

With sales, they see cash flow, and with it they can hire new employees and invest in growth.

And without it, almost nothing happens in business.

In sales, a lot of time is wasted chasing leads.

What if in sales, your only goal was to get a no.

If your goal was to get a no, 10 times in a day then do you think your fear of reaching out cold to prospects will be less? Most likely.

Because you know ‘no’ is the worst thing that can happen. And, when rolling with this approach, you’ll also have to learn to convert maybes to either a yes or no. Yes is good, a win. And no, helps you move forward. Maybe, is not good, because it occupies space in your head and calendar.

And, when you get enough nos, you’ll also find your yes. Because you won’t get nos without reaching out and when you do reach out consistently, you win.

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