Get Away From Your Creations

Not babies 🙂

But the art you make and the work you do.


Because when we are too close to our creations we are not able to see their faults. And, if we don’t know the faults how can we improve them.

So, get away from the work you do for a while and come back to it later to improve.

This certainly works for written work – articles, essays, books.

But it also works for that important project, a crucial presentation, application to your dream job, and for your job itself.

There is a smart way to go about it so that you will not be bogged down by procrastination and do whatever you need to do well in time. You do it by creating the first version or the draft as soon as you get the inputs and then edit/ improve on a schedule without making the gaps too long.

You can even use this approach to plan your life or figure out a new direction for your career.

Here is how – write down a rough version of what you have in mind, and when you get away for a break, think through and update it to make a version that you’ll use to take action.

If you find it tough to improve your creations by getting away from your work, or if you can’t get away for some reason, get help.

Ask your friends for feedback.

Get an expert to critique your work or to get advice. For example, if you are working on a business book you can get research associates as employees. If running a business, you can get an advisor on board.

You can even crowdsource feedback. For example, if you are launching or have launched a website you can get a diverse group of people to test it with an app like UserTesting and share feedback with you.

Now, get creative and think about which place or item in your life you can get away from, to get a new perspective so that you can come back later to improve it.

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