How To Get the Attention of Your Buyers

Starting a business online is easy.

Getting the attention of the right buyers is tough.

Here is what one can do if starting from scratch.


Start with buyer interviews. Identify people who are already in your network and will be interested in something like what you offer.

For those who agree or don’t agree to interview, ask them for recommendations. People they know and think will be a good fit for buyer interviews.

Understand their paints and craft a story on how your product can solve their problem.

While ending the interviews, ask for their permission to say, “Is it ok if I sent you an occasional email?” May will say yes, then once every week or every two weeks start sending a value-packed email.

Also ask them at the end of the interview, that you are working on making something that will be useful to solve the problem they shared with you. And if it was ok if you got in touch with them once it was ready.

Those who say yes, reconnect with them in 4-6 weeks. 

If you do 50 interviews, you can get your first 5-8 customers, through this approach.


Reach out to podcast hosts or companies and offer to do a webinar with them, through which their customers will get the value.

Aim to do 10-20 of these in the first year and you’ll get good exposure that will likely convert to business.


Enlist the help of an expert or find the right keywords for your business yourself if you know how to do it. 

Optimize the content you created for your emails and post it on your website so that over time you’ll get organic traffic. This is a mid to long-term strategy.

But the first two – partner webinars and buyer interviews – will give you quick results.

Use these ideas to see how it works for you.

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