True Freedom Comes From Discipline and Routine

The movies show that being free means being reckless.

Nothing can be far from the truth.

Because it is hard to find true freedom without first pursuing the path of discipline for a long time.

Want to get free of mental afflictions and disturbances, practice physical discipline and also train your mind often for long periods of time. And then, you can help others or be free from afflictions and stay calm and balance in the midst of some unforeseen chaos.

Want to accumulate wealth, practice financial discipline for years. Later when you have it, you can be free and do what you actually want to do.

Want to score good grades, discipline yourself and learn to memorise and get good at the subject you are studying. 

Want to be physically fit and attractive, train your muscles and body day in and day out to keep it in shape. And, when you are fit, you can enjoy this freedom by relishing foods that others want to have but can’t have because they are not good for their health.

And, the list goes on.

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