The Four People Every Person Needs in Life

four people

No man is an island.

We need to be part of a community in order to thrive.

We don’t need a network.

What we need is a group of people who care for each other. People who make our inner circle. With whom we have mutual trust.

Let’s see who these people are.

[I am using ‘she’ as a pronoun for simplicity’s sake but this person can very well be a ‘he’.]

1. A Person Loves You Unconditionally

Usually, this person is a family member.

She loves you despite your shortcomings.

She can’t see you in pain and wants the best of life for you.

She does not always need to use words to show or tell you about her love and will keep your well being before her own.

She believes that you can achieve anything you set your eyes on.

In most cases the love is mutual but intensity may differ.

Love like this helps you grow, is a big healer and brings out the best in you.

2. A Person Who Has Your Back When You Get Into A Problem

We all make mistakes. Most of us fall down at some point in our lives. At such times, we need a person who has our backs.

Who is there to helps us when we need emotional safety, personal security or financial security. Let’s hope that we’ll never need this person but the truth is that life is a long game with ever-changing odds so it is good to have someone like this in our corner.

3. A Person Who Questions Your Choices And Still Does Not Make You Love Them Any Less Than You Do

This person is likely your close friend.

Your bond with her is strong and there is no veil of secrecy between you two. You don’t need to pretend about anything when you are in her presence.

She is a patient listener but is not scared to call a spade a spade. She can talk to you without worrying about whether it’ll affect her relationship with you. This is because anything she says is not to hurt you or put you down – but to help you see the truth, help you grow and to keep you out of harm’s way.

4. A Person Who Is Your Guiding Light, Holds Your Hand and Takes You Into The Unchartered Territories

This person can be your mentor or a professional coach.

Ideally, someone who walks the talk. She either has done what you want to do or has guided others to do what you want to do.

Whenever you find such people keep them close.

Start appreciating the presence of those who are already in your life, more and acknowledge their presence whenever you can.


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