Forgive Because It Is the Best Thing To Do

When we forgive someone because we assume that it is good for them because they don’t have to live with the guilt.

We feel that we are doing it for them to help them. 

But we help ourselves the most when we forgive someone because then we don’t have to live with anger, resentment, or any negative emotions related to that person or situation.

Through this, we heal.

How well we heal depends on how we forgive.

Suppose we forgive someone just as a task because we want to get over it. Then it may not be complete and final.

But healing is more profound when we forgive with all our being and do it from a place of love. It is not easy, takes courage, and is always good for us.

Because then it will never occupy a place in your mind, inside you, and because you’ll be actually done with it.

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