Follow The Process, The Outcome Will Take Care Of Itself

Worrying about and wanting things that are not in our control causes misery.

But this is what we do often.

We want to become good writers but don’t want to read and write.

We want to become fit, but don’t want to eat greens or move our bodies.

We want to shine in a job but don’t want to put in work.

We want to keep the relationships going and strong but we don’t want to take time to call or meet.

We want to grow a business but don’t want to generate leads and grow traffic.

This approach is painful and getting the result you want is not sure with this approach.

A better approach is to identify a simple action and do it daily or often. 

Read and write often and you’ll become a good writer.

Eat greens and move your body regularly and see yourself getting fitter day by day.

Take one action, however small, to grow your traffic every day and you’ll see revenue growth.

You can use this approach in doing whatever you do and increase the odds of getting the outcome you want.

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