Dark Side of Flexible Work Life

Flexible work life is a luxury.

But like many good things in life, it has its own pitfalls.

Living such a life, you can get behind on important work. Because there is always so much to do that is not work – running errands, thinking about finances, social obligations and more. When you work for the boss, all this takes a backseat. But when you choose the place and time of your work, you want to take care of all that you ignored earlier even if it is not super important.

That’s when becomes a hassle because this part of your life which is not ‘work’ ends up taking so much time and headspace that you don’t find time to do the work. Then you push a good part of actual work to late night or early morning, and often sacrifice sleep for it.

The end result is irritable and a bit stressed you, who is behind on important work.

So even when you have a flexible work life, appreciate it and enjoy it but work to a schedule and use your freedom to work shorter hours and choosing what to do it in those hours.

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