Finish The Damn Thing Before Your Make A Masterpiece

You need to complete an article, project or a client video before you can create the world’s best.

Works for most of us because we are not out to create The Next Great American Novel.

I wonder if Ritesh Agarwal would have taken OYO to the level it is at now (a $10 billion valuation startup)  if he won’t have applied to Thiel Fellowship at the last minute.

If he had worried about creating the best application then he wouldn’t have submitted, been accepted and received $100,000 scholarship which acted as fuel for his entrepreneurial dreams. 

He was smart enough to understand that applying after the deadline won’t get him anything and also to do the best he could in those last hours.

You can do the same and win.

Don’t worry about letting people down because not everyone is expecting you to create a masterpiece. They just want the damn thing done.

So, try hard enough but not harder.

And, be smart enough to ignore this rule.

Where in your life, can you do this?

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