No. 1 Procrastination Killer

It is to find something that gives you a sense of purpose.

There is no magic pill to find purpose, though.

But an even more important question to answer is – why bother finding purpose.

See, when researchers surveyed 7000 adults, they found that finding your purpose helps you live longer. It’s also essential for happiness and fulfillment.

So how does one find purpose?

One way to find out yours is to try different things and see what makes you come alive, so much that you can forget food and sleep over it.

It is common to find one’s purpose when thinking about others and how we can help them and touch their lives.

Ask yourself what makes you happy because happiness and finding purpose is the same. When you ask this often and with sincerity, you’ll come close to finding your purpose,

Before taking on any big undertaking, a job, a new project, or before starting a new venture, ask yourself if what you are planning to do will make you fulfilled. If it won’t, don’t do it. Because doing something that does not fulfill you will take you away from your purpose.

This approach is not definitive but will give you a sense of direction when finding your purpose.

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