Not Everyone Needs Extreme Success and Big Money

It is possible to make a million dollars or more.

I’ve shared how in the article that I have linked above.

But that does not mean everyone needs it.

For most people, it is best to shoot for a business that affords you a good lifestyle, without worrying about any arbitrary number.

If that happens that is a good bonus, but no hassles if you don’t reach an arbitrary number.

Most people want to make millions because they think they can live their dream life with millions.

Tim Ferriss offers this ideal lifestyle cost calculator, that will help you find out how much monthly or daily target income you need to live your dream life. Use this and see what your dream life will cost.

Once you do the calculation you’ll realize it costs less than you think. First, get there, and if you think more money will make you happier or help fulfill more dreams, go after that.

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