Everything Is Difficult Before It Is Easy.

This is an old Chinese proverb that was obviously written in Chinese first 🙂

It is simple enough to understand.

But the point of this post is something else.

It is that different people take different times to go from difficulty to easy.

And there are many who don’t even start because they don’t want to stick through the difficult phase.

For those who choose to go through the beginning difficulty, everyone gets the same difficulty level before they start,

One who makes it easier faster, wins.

This is not about how smart one is.

But about how much they care about making it easy.

How intentional and deliberate they are about it.

Writer? Work to write fast, with clarity, better than what you did yesterday.

Entrepreneur? Learn to hire, delegate and sell as much as it becomes second nature.

Everyone? Make sleep, eating right, and staying focused easy by doing what supports each.

How will you apply it to what you do?

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