Endless Hustle ≠ Unlimited Growth

There is this notion that if you work 18 hour days you find success soon, or you’ll create a bigger impact than let’s when you work 8 or 10 hour days.

Far from true.

Because if this was the case, then everyone who works morning to night, day in and day out, will be a millionaire and will be really fulfilled.

So, the notion that millionaires and billionaires work long hours is not entirely. Some of them work long hours, and many don’t.

It’s a choice.

You choose how you want to run your business, and live your life.

This is Tobi Lutke, founder of Shopify, a company with $1.5 billion in annual; revenues. Tobi is worth $9 billion at last count.

One can argue that he worked hard earlier.

But he has said that he has never worked through the night.

That’s good validation and inspiration.

And, I believe it is possible to build a successful business without hustling like some video and picture on social media would have you believe.

You choose what you want to live like and then build that life for you. It is possible to live a life where there is space for what matters to you and not only work.

But you need to work for it. 


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