A Note for Emerging Professional Creators

To make sure that you stick to your dream of being a professional creator, don’t overthink content creation and find a clear and early path to revenue.

Here is how you can do it.

Creating Content

When starting out don’t pay attention to the production quality but definitely pay attention to making your ‘content’ the best out there.

Aim to create three types of content.

  • Raw content like your live stream recordings.
  • Content scripted, produced and optimized for YouTube
  • Highly produced content

We’ll use content type #1 and #2 above to make people aware of your brand and work.

And then get them to experience content type #3 when you sell something.

Building a Revenue Path

  • Create a bridge between the product and potential customers who will buy it. It can be a freebie like a template or a checklist.
  • And then reach out to bring your first early customers onboard
  • Make sure that what you are not selling is aligned with the theme of what you create as a professional creator.

It can’t get simpler than this.

So, apply it and increase your chances of finding success. 

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