How to SuperCharge Your Emails

Despite video becoming more popular in the past few years, email is still the primary mode of communication in the professional world.

You can win big by learning to do email right.

Here are five hacks to win with email.

  1. Write emails that no one has to scroll to read. This makes sure that your emails are read soon after you have sent them. And if you want someone to take action on your email, you want them to read it first.
  1. Put your ask or key point of the email on the top. It may not always be possible to send a short email. In that case, putting the key points on top makes sure that the recipient knows what you wanted them to know.
  1. Start by sharing what is in it for them. That gives the recipients a reason to read what you wrote.
  1. Use video links inside emails to reduce meetings. For a complex where you think a meeting will be needed to explain your point, create a Loom video and send the link inside emails. Your only prompt in such emails should be to ask the recipient to check out the Loom video.
  1. Share profitable ideas in your emails. This works great for existing and prospective clients. Always offer ideas on what more a client can do and then offer to do it for your client. This single strategy can double or triple your revenue.

Hope you can put these ideas to use.

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