An Update on My September 2019 ‘Eat Raw and Fresh’ Experiment

On 30th Aug, I came down with a fever. It continued for 8-10 days. And then I was in recuperation mode for good 2-3 weeks. I got back to work but wasn’t operating at 100%.

During and after fever I was not feeling like eating anything except some fruit. I like sweet lime during times when I don’t feel well. So, I started eating them twice a day. Later I added vegetable juice to the mix.

How This Experiment Came To Be?

You see, since January I have been running a new personal growth experiment every month. I had one planned for September. But fever put a dent in my plans. The experiment I had planned, involved some physical discomfort and my doctor had advised me against it. 

I did not want to miss out on my monthly experiments, due to fever. So, I decided to turn my raw and fresh food eating into an experiment. 

In a way, I converted a small roadblock into an opportunity 🙂

But the fever wasn’t the only thing that prompted me to do this experiment. I have been aware for several years about the impact of fresh food on our energy levels and how we feel. Even then I have not been big about eating fruits and fresh vegetables. I wanted to change it. This experiment gave me a chance to do that.

The Experiment

For the experiment, I decided to start my day with vegetable juice and then committed to eating more fruits and vegetables than before. I did not set a strict quantity just a commitment to have more of these items.

I started with a juice of cucumber, tomato, and bitter gourd. Which was fine despite the bitter taste. But then I started having only cucumber and tomato.


My goal was to have at least one serving of fruits or vegetables in their raw form. And more when I could.

How I fared?

At home, I had vegetable juice, the same stuff as salad, and then sweet lime once or twice a day. Up to 7 in a day.

I stayed out of home for work on occasion, and on those days I went for some papaya, occasional watermelon juice and salads.

What Did I Learn?

I replaced my breakfast with my morning vegetable juice. It meant fewer calories in the body.

For a few days, in the beginning, I added salt and pepper to my juice. Later on, I ditched it and started having just the juice.

It is not tough to follow this, you just need to order an extra salad when out and ordering and when at home start a meal with a salad. I did not go with anything exotic, just plain cucumber salad.

The Verdict

The experiment was a success and I continue with it at the time of writing this post.

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