Earn Less to Live Your Dream

Do you have unfulfilled dreams?

Because you are in a job, and can’t get no time to work towards your dreams?

If yes, then as soon as you can find a job or a gig that pays the bills without sucking all your time and energy, even if the payout is a fraction of what you are earning right now.

Why is this smart?

Because a job that pays more but sucks all your time will make sure that you remain dependent on that job for a long time.

But a lower paying and low stress job that allows you to work on your dream, where upside and satisfaction is a lot more can give you a pathway into a much brighter future.

One can argue that hustling and saving at the high paying job for 5 or 10 years and then working on your dream is one way. Yes it is, but you can’t be sure of your motivation and energy levels in 5-10 years. So, that is my book is a bigger risk.

Choice, of course, is yours!

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