Dream and Do. Not Just at the Same Time.

It’s great to think and dream.

I do it myself often.

Wondering what I’d like to do, the projects I’d like to start, stuff I’d like to do for people in my life, the journeys I’d like to go on, and more.

But we can’t stay in dream mode forever.

To move forward, we have to DO. We need to act on the dreams we dreamed.

So both thinking, dreaming, and taking action on what you think is important.

The problem is when thinking comes in the way of doing. When right before taking action or in the middle of taking action, we go into dreaming mode. 

If not taken care of, this can become a habit and delay our progress because there is no growth in staying in a dreamy world without taking action on dreams.

So, dream and do. Not just at the same time.

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