Right Way To Approach YouTube Content Creation as a Business Owner

YouTube is the best place to generate leads right now.

Maybe you don’t know this but know that YouTube is important and have been grinding there.

Making videos that you think will showcase your knowledge and build your brand, without much traction.

Is this you?

Making videos on YouTube without gaining many views?

And you want to give up because you see single and double-digit views on your videos?

Don’t lose hope because if those single or double-digit videos are from your prospective customers you won’t need many views.

How, on a platform like YouTube, you can get your ideal customers to watch your videos?

You do it by understanding their challenge and make videos and content that solves their exact problems.

Then take the help of the algorithm by optimizing your video for terms they (your ideal customers) on YouTube.

And most importantly, make sure that your being is the best on the topic. Do it by watching the top 5 videos on that topic and taking notes of what stands out in each of the videos and then incorporate all that you noted into your video.

Once you have done that, stop worrying about low view count, because it’s a matter of time before your ideal customers find you.

Remember as a business owner your goal is not visibility. It is a new business and growth. 

So don’t worry about visibility for the sake of it.

Tailor your content to your customers and get it in front of them by search optimization, cold outreach, or paid ads and you’ll win.

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