Hustle During Lockdown: Do Your Best and Don’t Worry About The Rest

I came across this on social media. (RED REMARKS ARE MINE)

Such images are shared often by those who have a lot of time on their hands.

But not everyone is sitting at home and twiddling their thumbs.

Ask moms who are taking care of their kids at home, more so than ordinary times because kids are at home all the time, or a healthcare worker or a law enforcement official or a billion other people just trying to get through the day.

Then there are entrepreneurs who are working hard to keep their business going and building the foundation so that they are ready to take off when this gets over.

Even if you are not working hard, it is ok to spend time with your family which is not possible during the usual 9-5.

And, great if you can write your book or do something which you’ve wanted to do for long – do it by all means. 

But don’t think any less of yourself if you don’t do anything productive. Sitting tight, staying healthy and safe is enough.

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