Don’t Worry About Digital Pollution

Don’t worry about it if you are just starting out as a creator.

Because if you worry about putting the garbage out, you’ll never create.

And unless you create something, you’ll not have a chance of improving it.

Newbie creators don’t need a masterpiece, they need practice. Creation is the only way to practice.

Once you have got enough practice, and have improved your craft then you can try to create really high-quality work and worry a bit about digital pollution,

Even then some of what you’ll create won’t be good.

Because even as a seasoned creator you’ll need to experiment and try what you have done before so often you’ll be in the same zone as a new creator.

So don’t worry about digital pollution, create more, get practice and you’ll create a masterpiece. And then your tribe will find you. At that point, what you want to do with that attention is up to you.

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