Create an Environment Where It Is Hard to Not-Do What You Want To Do

You can apply it to different parts of life.

If you want to create content, working longer hours or hustling will take you only that far. What will make you efficient in the longer run, is creating an environment where it is easy to create. A room that is set up with light and camera and where it is easy to get it all ready, by pressing a single button. If you have to set up every time you record something then it will be tough to create consistently or be prolific while doing it.

How can you reduce friction? Bring the studio close to or in your bedroom depending on your family situation so that you can switch it on when you want.

Want to get healthy? Stock your kitchen with healthy stuff. Plan to get seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered to your home on a regular basis. Set up two reminders for going to bed on time. Before hiring a coach, hire a person whose only job is to remind you by calling or texting multiple times a day what you need to be doing to stay fit, whether it is to go out for a walk, or recording what you ate in a day in your fitness journal.

Want to build a habit of reading. Start putting a stack of books wherever you sit, lounge, or work. Get a Kindle or download an app on your phone. If you find reading hard, get Audible subscription and start listening to books while you relax.

Want to stop procrastinating? Then get rid of social media apps and OTT subscriptions and find something that you like doing. Because procrastination is often a sign of being bored and not having something interesting to work on.

Where else can you use this approach?

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