Creating Calm Within

Our body is a bundle of energy.

Even when we are weak, our body is a bundle of energy in that case it is a bundle of low energy.

And our body’s energy field is made up of physical, mental and emotional aspects.

As we move forward with our day, our energy field gets disrupted because of chaos around and the world pulling us in all directions.

Stress, incessant communication, electronics, and our environment all have an effect on what we call ‘aura’ (biofield).

This happens because the current or energy of stress or whatever ‘not soothing’ is going on fills in our nervous system. Sleep, bathing and other restful activities help release this energy form our nervous system and make us centred. 

Yoga Asanas also help because they bring our body in balance, aligned with ideal geometry of the body. They make us centred.

How do you know that your energy is correct?

You will feel it. You’ll feel centred, calm and focused. 

Starting today, starting right now, pay attention to how you are feeling.

If you are not calm, centered and focused, ask yourself why?

Is it food, it is thoughts, is it posture, is it situations?

Whatever it is, fix that.

And, continue asking this question often. 

Because everyday is a new day.

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