How to Convert More of Your Leads to Sales

Inbound requests and referrals are great for business growth.

But they can have a greater impact on your business if you converted more of them.

The inbound leads and referrals definitely some level of trust capital built-in. But it does not mean that you are ready to sell to them.

You still want to get them to take a leap, even when you have their best interest in mind. Because they don’t know you, your intentions and the kind of results you can produce for them.

What works best. 

Share what you can to cement their trust. Get on a call to share the vision you have for them and how you can help and also to get a sense of what is on their mind.

Don’t try to become the hero, work to make them the hero.

And while you are in the midst of these discussions propose a professional engagement with 2-3 options. One of these options should be a low cost and low risk one where you can show a win quickly. It can be a trial version of your big product offered at a discount, Make it clear that you are offering this price for the trial and if it is a win-win then price will be regular.

Help the client shine through the trial and then move to the full deal.  

If the client has money and they want to invest in their growth then they will work with you.

With this approach, you can double or triple your conversions. It works even better in consulting and advisory arrangements.

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