When It Comes to Content – Sow Your Seeds, and Use the Sprouts

Good content takes time and resources to produce.

So there is no point in creating content once and posting it as a blog, video, or tweet and letting it die.

If you want to make sure that content takes different forms and lives on in many forms, at least for a while, then try content sprouting.

To do it.

  • Sow your seed – Shoot a youtube video on a specific topic. 
  • Use the sprouts – Share clips of the video on Instagram or turn your video into an article and share it. 

Gary Vaynerchuck does this and uses a single video to make up to 80+ content pieces. 

Your seed does not have to be a video. For example, I take my Twitter threads and turn them into blog posts.

Not every thread is right to be turned into a blog post, but most are.

Like, this thread I posted “on becoming a better interviewer” will work well as a blog post.

And, likely do well on the blog also because my Twitter audience validated by engaging with it.

By the way, if you are on Twitter, come say hello, and so that I can follow you and we can know each other better.

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