Don’t Sleep on Content Distribution – It Is as Important as Content Creation

The content graveyard is real.

Because content creators and marketers don’t spend enough time distributing their content.

4.4 M blog posts are published every day across platforms.

People upload 720,000 hours of video on YouTube every day. It would take one person 82 years to watch this content.

Only a handful of people see this content, even when the content is high quality.

If you want to be successful with content marketing and content creation, make sure that you have dedicated time, budget, and a team to take your content far and wide to the right people.

Without it, consider your content efforts dead, even before you’ve invested in it. So better don’t do it.

Also, understand that content is big business and a powerful weapon if you use it right.

With the right people’s attention on your content, you can go big.

DollarShaveClub’s launch video (see below) gave them a buzz. And founders leveraged it to create success after success and that led to Unilever acquiring them for $1 billion.

Why focus on content distribution?

Investing in content distribution is smart even when you are tight on resources. In such a situation, be innovative, create less but high-quality content, and spend the time and resources spreading this content.

It also helps when you can’t win the Google search game or you are early in that game and haven’t started ranking yet.

See, trying to rank on Google is a challenging game. More so in a competitive niche. And there are some niches where you can’t even compete if your competition is going with deep pockets.

You can still grow if you reduce overreliance on search engines and use other ways to distribute your content.

Check out this interesting video below to learn about different ways to distribute content.

In this fascinating conversation, you’ll find ideas on succeeding with content distribution in a world where a large part of the search results page is owned by what Google wants to show and where social platforms limit organic reach because they want to sell us ad units.

Many of these ideas are unusual, like using dead Facebook groups, but effective, so watch that video out and make your content distribution strategy.

So, create exemplary content, distribute it far and wide and see your clout and cash flow increase.

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