If You Can Consume, You Can Create

Creators win.

Still so many consumers watch from the sidelines.


“I don’t have time,” they say.

How can it be true when they spend hours binge watching shows, and spend a lot of time inside messaging apps and social media.

And they don’t stop there. They continue mindless browsing, online window shopping, and partake in all sorts of mental drugs God knows for how long.

All this takes time.

A lot of it.

To those who say I don’t have talent or skill, you can see hard work beat talent every day.

So, if you want to become a creator and give these excuses, stop.

Start by converting 10 to 20% of your consumption time to creation time, and go from there.

Once you get in a groove and start enjoying it, you will obviously want to do it more.

And remember: becoming a creator does not make you once superior to a consumer.

But it definitely opens floodgates of opportunity, self realization, and satisfaction.

If you want these then CREATE.

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