How to Be a Champion

Champions are not invincible. 

But they are graceful when they lose, take time to reflect, learn their lessons, and come back stronger to win again.

What sets champions apart is their commitment to whatever they do.

They are always striving to do better than others and especially than they did last time.

They practice harder than anyone else.

But they act smart, using their inherent intelligence or getting insights from someone smarter.

Every experience is a lesson for them.

They learn from their mistakes and also from their wins. One tells them how not to do things, and the other tells them what is worth doing.

The biggest lesson worth learning from champions is that no single champion starts at the top, they do the work and one day are called champions through sheer will and hard work.

I don’t discount luck, but they are usually early starters and have a lot of time to make mistakes and learn from them.

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