You Can’t Lose If You Don’t Stop Playing

I work with startups at different stages of growth.

There are startups with predictable cash flow. There are also startups that are yet to create a sustainable system for growth. 

The second type of startup is worried about where the growth will come from, and about the future.

In a small corner of their minds, the founders of these startups fear to lose.

Only if they would realize that You can’t lose you won’t stop playing.

If you are a founder and someone who fears to lose at any game, startup, job, writing a book or living another dream then know if you keep playing you won’t lose.

And if you play and work with those who are better than you, learn from the mistakes of others, and get help from mentors you’ll win.

Now, the choice is yours. Do you want to play for playing, or play to win? Both are fine by the way 🙂

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