The Business Of Quotes: Should We Use Them To Guide Our Life?

Quotes are big business on the internet.

Because so many of us search for them to validate our thoughts and for random inspiration.

There is another reason why they are so popular because they help us put the responsibility and accountability on another person, one who wrote or said those words. It is an easy path.

But are these quotes right for you?

Check out the ones I have shared below.

Look at the quote in grey and then look at the one in black color next to it. Which one do you think is right?

Be wary of quotes that leave a lot to interpret. The ones that say less and leave more unsaid. These quotes do not talk about the situations or realities of the person who wrote them.

Don’t be in a rush to base your life on these as they may not be the best fit for you.

Use such a quote as a trigger at most to learn more about the life of the person who said it. Read a book they wrote or their autobiography, then look at your own life and then form a decision whether the essence of the quote is right for you given the circumstances.

Even better create your own quotes based on your own life.

Does it make sense?

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