Three Important Decisions You Can Take to Grow Your Business Without Getting Overwhelmed

Business owners are often overwhelmed by minutiae and operational work.

This leaves almost no time to focus on growth.

Hire, Train and Delegate

Hiring is difficult but without it, it is tough to grow beyond.

That is why you should spend time strengthening the hiring muscle early in your professional journey.

Once hired train the employee to do what you do as of now.

You don’t have to hire a coach, just have them enroll in an online program and ask them to implement what they learn and also keep you updated on their progress.

Every 3-6 months hire one key person and offload 10% of what you do so that you can get more thinking time and invest more time in growth.

Work Less, and Get More Done

Instead of being a doer, become an enabler who makes working easy for others.

And whatever you do, do it with utter focus without wasting time.

You also get more done when having high energy. Identify your peak energy hours and work during that time.

Invest Your Time on Activities That Produce the Biggest Return

Do you know the Pareto 80/20 principle which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your action?

If you do, then put it into action.

Identify activities that produce the biggest impact on your business.

For an agency owner, these will be marketing and growth-related tasks like meeting prospects, creating videos, creating new content.

Think about what high leverage activities you can take up in your business?

Hope you’ll implement these ideas in your business and grow it effortlessly.

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