How to Build and Keep Up a Reading Habit: 17 Essential Tips

Building and maintaining a reading habit can be one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences in life. 

Reading can not only be a source of pleasure and relaxation, but it can also expand your mind and make you a more informed, empathetic, and well-rounded person. 

Here are 17 tips to help you create and sustain a lifelong love affair with books.

1/ Set realistic goals: Start with manageable goals like reading one book a month or 10 pages a day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2/ Create a routine: Establish a regular reading time, such as before bed or during your morning commute, to make reading a habit.

3/ Choose the right books: Pick books that genuinely interest you to increase your motivation and enjoyment.

4/ Mix up genres and formats: To keep things fresh, alternate between fiction and nonfiction, physical books and e-books, or try listening to audiobooks.

5/ Use a reading tracker: Keep a log of the books you’ve read, either in a journal or using a digital app, to monitor your progress and stay motivated.

6/ Join a book club: Engaging with others who share your passion for reading can help keep you accountable and motivated.

7/ Create a reading nook: Designate a comfortable and inviting space where you can focus on your books without distractions.

8/ Make use of waiting time: Use idle moments, like waiting in line or during your lunch break, to sneak in some reading time.

9/ Set reading milestones: Break down larger books into smaller sections to make them feel more manageable and celebrate your progress.

10/ Read multiple books at once: Having a few books on the go can help maintain interest and prevent boredom.

11/ Use technology to your advantage: Leverage e-readers, audiobook apps, and reading apps to make reading more accessible and enjoyable.

12/ Connect with the author: Follow your favorite authors on social media or attend their events to deepen your connection with their work.

13/ Limit screen time: Reduce time spent on devices to create more space for reading in your life.

14/ Create a reading list: Compile a list of books you’d like to read and use it as a guide for future selections.

15/ Share your passion: Discuss books with friends or family members, or share your thoughts on social media to keep your enthusiasm alive.

16/ Read to learn: Approach reading as an opportunity for personal growth and continuous learning.

17/ Be patient with yourself: Building a reading habit takes time, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not reading as much as you’d like. Keep trying and remember that every page counts.

By implementing these tips, you’ll be well on your way to building a strong and lasting reading habit. 

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself as you grow into this new routine, and enjoy the countless benefits that come with being a lifelong reader.

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