Building A Tribe? Start By Naming It Right.

A vibrant community built around your brand is an asset.

It is a ready source for market research.

It is also a launch pad for new products, services and ideas you want to put out in the world.

There are two thighs you need to take care when starting it. One, that there is clarity about what it stands for and the name of the community is one that stands out and that pulls people in.

We’ll talk about naming your community right.

Give it a name that conveys a purpose or just makes people feel cool to be part of. And it should attract the kind of people you want in your community.

Growing up I was part of a local club called Diamond Club. It stood for bringing people together and helping them through cultural nights and medical camps. And it was a place where diamonds met so it was cool.

You don’t have to name your community diamond club but whatever you choose, keeping following parameters in mind will help:

1. Is brandable

2. Is short, 3-4 words

3. Passes the phone test. So, we also have to think about how it sounds when we say it aloud

4. Having a search term with good volume is a bonus because it’s 2020.

5. Is focused on a niche, is some linkage to what you do – to differentiate your brand

Once you have your name sorted, you’ll be seeding it with founding members. And, it does not matter whether you host it on Facebook, Slack, Discord or a hosted platform like MightyNetworks.
Let me know how tribe building goes for you.


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