Breathe, Walk, Solve: The Simple Strategy to Tackling Tough Problems

Staring at a tough problem is like staring at a brick wall. 

It’s overwhelming and confusing. 

But, the solution is simple and natural, it’s something we do every day – take a walk.

When you face a problem, pause. Break away from it. 

Lace-up your shoes and let your feet guide you. 

Walk away from the pressure, let your mind wander, and breathe in the fresh air.

Return with a rejuvenated mind, refreshed spirit, and renewed perspective. 

Now, attack the problem. With your revitalized mindset and clear mind, solutions will start flowing. 

You’ll find paths you hadn’t seen before.

But what if the problem persists? 

Do not worry. Keep working at it. Ask for help, explore new options, and remember – it’s okay to take another break.

Repeat this cycle as often as needed.

The mix of effort, breaks, and fresh perspectives will eventually break down that brick wall. 

You’ll find peace and tranquility. And, your calm will remain undisturbed.

So – breathe, walk, and solve life’s toughest problems.

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