Don’t Try To Break a Wall, Make a Hole First

Many constraints are mental and there are many ways to break through those constraints.

But it is not always easy.

Think of a constraint like a big wall. When faced with a wall like challenge, a big constraint of any kind, the thought that comes to mind is – what now.

There are some who, faced with such a challenge, think about how to break that wall. They try to do it, and when they are not able to break it, they feel defeated.

People in the other group, which usually is smaller than the ‘let me break this wall’ group, think how they can make a hole in that wall first.

A hole, that allows them to see how strong the wall is. So in a way they see how formidable the challenge they are facing is. And once they create a hole, breaking the wall becomes easier than just pushing the wall.

This works in most cases. When it does not and you need to tear a wall fast, get help, the best you can get and tear it down.

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